step fifteen

this is one of the most simple life hacks: kick life into the next gear, and leave behind what no longer serves you.

  • things you have not used in two years
  • clothes you have not worn in three
  • people who do not appreciate you
  • memories that bring you down
  • energy drainers (again, people will take the biggest part here)

if you want to let go of something, or someone, i can help you design a three-step-release ceremony; comment or email me for details.

steer your life boat forward, drop the weight that’s wearing you down. you need your energy to explore and grow, not to carry what you can’t change, or who doesn’t want to change.

wishing you calm waters and bubbly shores!


Author: the~ki~line: balance and transformation in transition

professional coach. photographer. i do not believe in capitalization, because why should "i" be bigger than "you"? i am the sum of my beliefs and more. i believe in fairness and honesty, but i take nothing for granted. when i encounter exceptional fairness, honesty, and human kindness, i am moved beyond words. i believe we all have what we need to be happy and feel purposeful and fulfilled, but sometimes we have a hard time accessing this well of wealth within us, and sometimes it helps if someone sheds a light and helps us get to it. i want to be that person for others, the one who holds the torch or helps design a way through obstacles, a key (ki) to the solutions to what one considers a problem. i am a forever learner, and will probably always travel and move on a quest for more knowledge and more insight. i am driven by a perpetual sense that things can be improved. i enjoy learning new processes, languages, exploring places, cultures, and i always thrive on "other". other traditions, progressive innovation, indigenous cultures, languages. and - i love to share what i learn. i am self. aware. all photos (c) ki woyke.

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